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Explore Curacao Island while staying with Sunny Curacao, enjoy the activities on Curacao

Activities on Curacao

Willemstad is a lively and colorful city. If you are looking for the quietness and beauty of the island, a lot can be found in the Cunucu, or countryside.

The caves of Hato

The Hato Caves are located just north of Willemstad, close to Hato International Airport. The caves have been carved into the limestone hills over thousands of years. These hills were formed when the island rose from the sea. Enormous stalactites hang down from the cave's ceiling.

Christoffel park

More at the northern part of the island you will find the impressive Christoffel Park which is part of a group of national parks founded in 1978. At a 40 minutes drive from Willemstad you will find Mount Christoffel, the highest peak of the island. In this colorful flora and fauna you will find orchids, tropical birds and lizards. It is also the place where sea turtles build their nests.

Curacao Seaquarium

The Curacao Sea Aquarium is probably the most popular destination of the island. Here you can literally and by way of speech, splash into the underwater world. Take at least half a day to visit the Sea Aquarium because there are many things to do and equally as many things to see. The park, located at the south coast, just east of Willemstad, offers a marina, a huge beach area, a hotel and large aquaria. These aquaria are the home of stingrays, sharks, sea turtles and also flamingos and sea lions The Curacao Underwater Park is a protected nature park where research takes place by sea biologists and others scientists. Divers are allowed in the area that is locally known as Bapor Kibra, or wrecked boat. It is named after the steam vessel 'Oranje Nassau' that sunk near the shore in 1906. Swimming with the dolphins is very popular and because of its popularity you need to make reservations long before your arrival date.

Boca Tabla

Directions:Drive your car from Willemstad to Westpunt. Close to Westpunt you will find a sign on your right hand side stating 'Boca Tabla'. Take a right turn, follow the sign and a small entrance fee is all that keeps you from admiring this spectacle. The sea at the south coast of Curacao is mostly calm. The north coast on the other hand is totally different. At this side large ocean waves hammer onto the rocky coast. In the Boca Tabla sea cave, which is linked to the sea, you will feel the pounding of the ocean and the wind that is formed due to the waves forcing themselves into the cave. Very impressive!

Ostrich Farm

A South African farmer opened a real ostrich farm on Curacao in order to deliver ostrich meat to the people of Curacao, Aruba and Venezuela. At present the farm holds around 600 ostriches. Guided tours are offered. You can also enjoy a tasteful ostrich steak in the farm's restaurant or buy some souvenirs in the shop.


In between all activities you might like to take a rest on one of the many beaches on Curacao. A few tips:

  • Cas Abao and Porto Marie, very nice beaches, all facilities available.
  • Groot Knip is one of the bigger white sandy beaches and they can be very busy at weekends. Azure water.
  • Klein Knip, also a white sanded beach with crystal clear water.
  • Playa Kalki a beautiful, more remote beach at the north east part of the island. You will find palm trees providing shadow, turquois water and a small bar where you can buy some snacks.
  • Playa Jeremi a quiet beach with sand and rocks without any facilities.
  • Westpoint is a typical fisherman's beach with pebble sand.
  • Playa Lagun is a narrow white sandy beach, very remote.
  • Klein Curacao is a small deserted coral island. It probably has the most beautiful beaches of Curacao with snow-white sand. A great destination for a day tour by boat.

The beginning of your unforgettable holiday on Curacao.

The beginning of your unforgettable holiday on Curacao.