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Enjoy the lovely weather conditions on Curacao while staying in one of Sunny Curacao's lodges

Weather on Curacao

Located in the tropics, only 12 degrees above the equator, but outside the hurricane belt, Curacao has a warm and sunny climate with an average temperature of 27° (85° F). A constant trade-wind blows from east to west, more strongly in springtime. The so called rain season starts in October and ends in February. This season is characterized by nightly rainfall and sunny spells during the day. On average the yearly rainfall is around 570 mm (22 inches). Every now and then a tropical storm elsewhere in the Caribbean will bring a few cloudy days, but this will only happen occasionally. Please visit www.meteo.cw for the current weather update.

The beginning of your unforgettable holiday on Curacao.

The beginning of your unforgettable holiday on Curacao.