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Villa huren op Blue Bay Curacao Golf & Beach Resort

We rent out several villas and apartments at the Blue Bay Curacao Golf & Beach Resort. Some villas are available for short term (holiday) lease, some for long term (>3 months). A full list of all villas and apartments may be found at www.bluebayvillas.com.

Construction management

At the Blue Bay Curacao Golf & Beach Resort there are still a number of building plots for sale. If you plan on settling on Curacao for a longer period, or if you would like to build a villa for renting out as an investment, or if you would just like to own a second home on our beautiful island, we can be of advise and organize your construction management.

Building your own house has great advantages over buying an existing villa or having one build 'turnkey'. You can decide on the design and layout as well as the quality of the materials used. You will save money compared to a 'turnkey' project

Especially when you are not present on Curacao, it may be difficult to keep control over the construction of your villa. It will be hard to maintain an overview of progress and to make sure the contractor is following your instructions. Sunny Curacao has a lot of experience in constructing houses and villas on Curacao and is able to render you advise and/or act as project manager, to ensure your construction will go smoothly and the invested money is well spend.

For more information please visit www.curacaosupport.com

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The beginning of your unforgettable holiday on Curacao.

The beginning of your unforgettable holiday on Curacao.